With Natalie Ross

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"Natalie Ross is a wonderful teacher with a lovely personality, always making the lessons fun.

She has shaped my voice, teaching me everything I know and love about singing and I look forward to my lesson every week. She has helped me gain confidence in my singing, overcoming my shy personality and I thoroughly enjoy performing in her showcases to watching audiences. Having a teacher as funny and talented as her makes learning all the more fun and memorable" - Isobel


"Never much of a singer, I was told I had to sing a Bonnie Tyler song for a local panto I was in panic stations!!! My friend recommended Natalie, and I was so glad I went. 3 lessons later 'I need a Hero' was nailed and I won Best Actress for my performance, thank you Natalie :)" - Nadia


"I have been working with Natalie for eighteen months and found her to be an excellent teacher. she is knowledgeable, professional and  importantly great fun to be with" - Valerie


“I just wanted to write some songs to sing to my grandkids. On critiquing the first one I wrote and performed for Jamie (my first grandkid), I realised that not only did I need to finesse lyric writing and musical structure, but also to improve my singing. I Googled for help and found Natalie. We initially focused on my singing and especially the breathing techniques. Then Natalie talked to me about song-writing and about lyrical structure, the chorus, the hook, rhyming, modulation etc.  Anyway, the individual songs we recorded and videoed for Alex, Freya and Daniel were so, so, so much better ….. sung by me….an ever improving singer-songwriter.  Big thanks to Natalie. I guess I now need to write a song for my new grand-daughter!  “ - Robert


"Natalie was a fantastic singing teacher.  She really helped me with all the different techniques and to find myself as a singer and what styles suited me best.  She was also lovely and funny and we got on really well which allowed me to feel comfortable and really go for it " - Evie


"Natalie has made my singing lessons so much fun. After all those grade pieces it has been really great to sing the songs I want to sing with someone I want to learn with. I feel that I have learnt more in the 2 months that I have spent with Natalie than I did in 2 years with my old teacher!" - Fiona

"Natalie is a very professional teacher who clearly has the ability to customize lessons to suit individual needs. She has helped me to improve my technique and find my own voice and most importantly gain confidence. And she's the loveliest person to boot!" - Taru

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